Krista Moon Sales, Marketing & Lead Generation Guru

Mission Details

Krista helps companies get more leads and sales using inbound marketing strategies.

Some of the biggest challenges Krista sees business leaders face stem from a weak sales pipeline. Sales teams spend too much time prospecting and not enough time actually selling to high quality prospects. Deals take too long to close and close ratios are too low.

Often times, traditional marketing activities that used to work great are yielding lower results. Leaders want to make sure they’re investing in activities that deliver leads and sales, but as buying cycles are increasingly driven by online activities, they’re not sure what actually works anymore. Trying something new is risky and lead generation ROI often remains elusive.


Krista was a hunter salesperson for over 12 years, actively cold calling on new prospects and building new territories in a variety of industries. After struggling, as most salespeople do, to make hundreds of prospecting calls a week to meet demanding and ineffective call quotas, she focused her energies on developing a lead generation system specifically designed to help salespeople sell.


In her pursuit of a system that would generate high quality leads, Krista learned about HubSpot and the inbound marketing philosophy. It aligned directly with her sales philosophy of strategic, multi-media, multi-touch account entry campaigns to reach new prospects. She quickly absorbed the inbound marketing training provided by HubSpot, became a Certified Inbound Marketer, got her first client and started implementing her newfound lead generation strategies.


As a HubSpot partner, Krista has been perfecting her lead generation skills for over 4 years. In her recent work with a client implementing a full inbound marketing plan, over the past year she has been able to:

  • Increase overall website leads by 250%.
  • Triple visits from organic, keyword search, and generate 28x more leads.
  • Quadruple the number of leads generated by social media.


Inbound Marketing Certified Professional, Sales Messaging, Lead Nurturing, CRM, Sales and Marketing Analytics and Reporting, Social Networking Strategies, Website Development (design and copywriting), Blog Writing, White Papers, Video Marketing, Content Creation, Email Marketing, Content Publishing


Krista loves spending time strategizing on how to help her clients get results that truly impact their business. When she can tear herself away from marketing, she spends time making sure her two elementary school children have what they need to develop into well balanced, productive and happy people.

Her experience with breast cancer at the age of 38 transformed her into a health enthusiast dedicated to living well and advocating for making the healthy choice the easy choice. She loves learning, reading, cycling, running, family time by the fire, and most especially, taking her dogs (or family or friends’ dogs!) on long hikes in beautiful northern Michigan.

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